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Real Estate Marketing Coach
Helping Realtors Create the Best Performing Social Media Accounts
Hi, I'm Shawn Bell and I help realtors going from not knowing what to post on social media and no following to having a strategic social media plan that generates an audience of high quality leads so that they can reduce stress and generate a never ending list of clients.

With some tweaks and a plan for your social media you can start getting customers contacting you and wanting YOU to represent them as their Realtor without even having to explain to them what you are going to do for them. They will be the best leads ever and they will 100% put their full trust in you.

I've seen Realtors going from being stressed out, not knowing what to post, how to grow their account, and lacking consistency to having a strategic plan that generates them an audience of high quality leads.

I'm here to help you do the same.

I was a Realtor for 18 years and consistently ranked in the top 1% for Century 21 Canada. I was able to attribute a lot of that to the use of Social Media! I was the owner of a Century 21 brokerage and was able to teach realtors within my own office the same tactics so that they could have leads coming in the door as well.

I run my own YouTube channel teaching Realtors across the world how they can fully utilize social media within their real estate business.

I have been a guest on multiple podcasts, spoken to many different brokerages throughout the nation, and have been a host for many Century 21 webinars sharing my tactics with other Realtors that helped to sky rocket my business and consistently be in the top 1% of real estate agents

After 18 years in the business I found that I enjoyed teaching other Realtors so much that I have made it my full time passion.

I have a bunch of FREEBIES that will help you turn your social media around and make it profitable even while you sleep!

I post new YouTube videos every Tuesday and Friday and also share more of my knowledge through Instagram and TikTok. Make sure to follow so that you can get more tips and knowledge on a consistent basis.

My goal is to take the stress out of posting on social media for every Realtor out there so that they can have more freedom, do what they love, and have a consistent flow of business coming in the door

If you are wanting to get started RIGHT NOW, I have created a free guide on the Best things to post on social media as a Realtor in order to guarantee your growth of leads. Enjoy!


As of today I am married to my beautiful wife (high school sweethearts) and we have two boys who love hockey. Therefore in the winter time all of our weekends are taken up with their hockey games. Seeing them enjoy their passion is completely worth it! As a family we enjoy travelling and so far our favourite spot is Hawaii. We love food and are always trying to find new places to eat when travelling that you don't normally find anywhere else. Sometimes the holes in the wall end up being the gems! In the summertime we enjoy hanging out at the lake with friends, boating, surfing, golfing, and relaxing at the beach. Family to me is #1.

But how did I get here? Let me explain...

Throughout high school I seemed to have a passion for technology. I was the go to guy in my school for anything computer related. If someone needed help setting up their computer, their electronics, what websites to visit, etc. I was the guy. 

After graduating high school I looked at going to college to become a computer tech. Something in my mind told me that maybe I should test out the field before making that kind of comment (very glad I did!).

I worked as a computer tech for 1 year and found out that I really disliked it haha. Maybe it was the fact that I worked in a basement all day long without any windows or that I was not meant to be a 9 to 5 type of guy. Whatever it was, it was not for me.

The summer prior to that I had worked as an unlicensed assistant at a Century 21 office that was owned by some family members of mine (basically a summer job to get started on my own). Looking back I kind of liked what I saw and the day to day happenings. Based off of that I decided to get my real estate licence so that I could become a Realtor.

As I was working at the computer store I would study in the evenings and weekends. I didn't have enough money to be able to take in class training so I had to do this while still at the computer store. After several months of studying I took my exams and officially become licensed.

For the next 18 years I worked as a Realtor and slowing learned what it took in order to generate business and how to speak to people. This was a challenge for myself as I was only 19 at the time and many people figured I wouldn't have much knowledge because of my age. I also found it hard to get in front of people as I was very much an introvert (I still consider myself an introvert to this day).

I would try cold calling, door knocking, and even handing out flyers. Not much of it seemed to work for me. It was a very nervous approach and nothing ever seemed to click. Eventually I started working on taking some on call days and built my business through that and word of mouth. I found I was the best at technology and could impress my customers with what I had to offer through that as well as always being available. Whenever I had a lead come into my inbox I was always the first realtor to get back to them. I was one of the few that had emails coming to my phone back then (another benefit of having mass tech knowledge).

Eventually over the years my business started to grow and I become know as the tech minded realtor. 

Years after that something new called "Facebook" come around. At first I thought it was just a silly platform for people to share their thoughts and what they were doing throughout the day. Back then I couldn't figure out how the heck it would ever help me in my real estate business. Therefore I kept putting off (oh, how I was wrong!).

Over time I started to see the value in Facebook and how I could utilize it in my real estate business. I began to understand that everyone was on Facebook and this was where all the attention was. No longer did I have to pay money for advertising and I could get my message out to people for FREE!

I dove in 100% and learned everything I needed to. I made lots of mistakes and had some wins along the way. After years of practice and new social media platforms coming along I learned how to best utilize each one. After years of posting consistently I noticed I started having people contact me and wanting me to be their realtor. No questions asked.

Using social media helped to have my community see who I am as a person and put me in front of people that never would have known about me. With all of my content I become top of mind to them and they either liked my style or didn't at all. That may sound like a bad thing but its actually amazing!

Because of this I now had like minded individuals contacting me and the transaction process was the easiest it ever had been. It was like I was dealing with life long friends and there was no hesitation and they trusted me 100%. I thought I had smooth dealings before but these were even that much more!

After having all this success throughout the years I decided I needed to share this with other Realtors. I started my own YouTube channel and watched it grow while having Realtors reach out to me across the world thanking me and sharing how my knowledge has helped them grow their customer base as well.

This was an amazing feeling and something that grew to be a passion. Because I enjoyed helping other Realtors so much I decided to create a course called The Realtors Blueprint to Never-Ending Leads with Social Media.

I then decided to step away from sales and focus 100% of my attention on helping other Realtors throughout the world with my free advice on all my social media channels and through my more in depth training of my course.

I'm having a blast doing this! If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me at: or hit me up on any of my various social media channels. Can't wait to see your success!

If you want any of my free guides make sure to find them HERE

Also please subscribe to my YouTube channel for new episodes every Tuesday and Friday
Shawn Bell
Founder of The Realtors Blueprint to Never-Ending Leads with Social Media
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